New Year Tips For 2015: Saving On Your WI-FI & Internet

By jacquelineluxe • January 8, 2015
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BURBERRY Opens Beverly Hills Flagship On Rodeo Drive Inspired By London

By jacquelineluxe • November 26, 2014

Burberry today announces the opening of its new Beverly Hills flagship, bringing every aspect of the brand to life in the heart of Los Angeles. Located over four floors on one of the most iconic streets in the world, the new flagship is set on the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way. Burberry Beverly Hills has been designed to offer multi-sensory experiences for Los Angeles' customers and communities, featuring exclusive spaces, products and services.

The store comprises a mixture of event space, entertainment hub, private space and store. Earlier today, Christopher Bailey was in Los Angeles to collect and unveil the Burberry Rodeo Drive Walk of Style plaque, which commemorates the contribution the brand has made to the fashion industry and its connection with the city's entertainment community.

Photographer Mario Testino presented the honour to Christopher Bailey. Last week, Burberry also launched Art of the Trench in Los Angeles, bringing its digital platform to life for the first time in the city, celebrating its dynamic creative communities. Over 40 of the city's established and emerging creative pioneers from the worlds of music, arts, fashion, film, and sports have been shot through innovative mobile capture wearing their Burberry trench coats in iconic landmarks and neighbourhoods throughout the city.

Subjects include Ashley Madekwe, Cat Deeley, Zen Freeman, Thomas Houseago, Ann Philbin, Lee Clow, Nigel Daly, and Zanna Roberts Rassi. From today, the portraits captured on iPhones by leading Los Angeles-based mobile photographers can be viewed across global platforms including, the Burberry Tumblr page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VSCO Grid®, YouTube, Pinterest and Sina Weibo.

Exclusive Fashion Tips With Jay Alexander

By jacquelineluxe • November 17, 2014

InnoCos: #beauty20 Awards

By jacquelineluxe • August 7, 2014

The landscape of the beauty industry is rapidly changing in the web 2.0 era and with the Federal Election Commission reconsidering their stance on Net Neutrality; established, independent, and start-ups are fighting for the right to provide the public with fast, reliable, and free service. Not to be left out of the 2.0 movement, beauty companies are putting their technology skills to the test by allowing costumers, to tell them who are the best of the best via the #beauty20 Awards sponsored by innoCosEvents. The #beauty20 Awards contest is challenging beauty mavens to nominate and vote for their favorite beauty brands whom they believe have launched and maintained the best web and social media campaigns and in some cases overall web presence, while at the same time maintaining the same level of product quality and customer service customers have come to expect from their beloved brands.

Irina Kremin, of #beauty20 Awards and innoCosEvents, charges that the "beauty industry invests more and more in digital marketing with a main goal to get closer to the customer. They want us to Like & Love their brand. Thus why don't we ask the customers who they love the most? Let's give it a test! Such competition of global and local brands can be the reality check for beauty brands to show who consumers really like the most. Now who will receive the award in New York this year? The battle is on!" Now that the challenge has been issued who's going to make a nomination?!

The Categories

Best Twitter. The best at optimizing for brand building, promotion and cultivating relationships.

Best Facebook. Has the best engaging page in terms of content, interactivity and the ability to bond with fans.

Best Pinterest. Encourages fans to closely engage with them online and provides daily visual inspiration.

Best Instagram. Encourages fans to closely engage with them online and provides daily visual inspiration.

Best App (Mobile or Tablet). The best app that is easy to use and offers cool, original, and engaging content.

Best Online Video. The video that "touched" you the most and has created the most memorable video.

Best e-Commerce Website. The website that is easy to use and is visually appealing while offering high quality content and various social media sharing options.

Best Beauty Startup. Your favorite beauty startup (5 years old or less) with the most innovative and outstanding online presence.

Best Technology Startup. The most innovative technology product that you believe connects the beauty industry with customers and supports beauty brands.

Best Beauty Brand Online. Your favorite brand that has the most outstanding performance in total online presence.

Nomination Deadline: August 15th, 2014

After all nominations have been received a panel of judges will select the top 5 nominees in each category. In September, public voting will open and the winner will be determined by 100% consumer vote. Winners will be announced at the #beauty20 conference Awards Ceremony in New York on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Nomination Inspiration

Last year winners included, L'Occitane en Provence, Sephora, Beyou(tiful) Blog, Nu Skin, Lancome, Unilever, Maybelline, and Mary Kay – just to name a few. This year's nominees so for include GLOSSYBOX, Mischo Beauty, Mink, Bobby Brown, Physicans Formula, Playboy Fragrances, L'Oreal Paris, IT Cosmetics, Ciaté, Too Faced Cosmetics, Makeup by ModiFace, Lady of Brows, Urban Decay, Stellar Body, and Luxe Lacquers. You can see the full listing of nominees here on the Beauty 2.0 Awards website.

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CINDY JOSEPH: Cover Model And Make-up Artist

By jacquelineluxe • August 7, 2014

Cover model and makeup artist, Cindy Joseph, is the Founder and CEO of Boom! By Cindy Joseph, an exciting concept in makeup that promotes natural, radiant and approachable beauty.

As women confront societal messages that challenge their self-esteem, Cindy is guiding them to a new path by sharing how she has come to celebrate herself and her life at every age. Cindy's message is energizing and inspiring both older and younger women alike to raise their consciousness and confidence in relation to, not only their age, but their size, color, and shape.

Born in Seattle, Cindy grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. During the 1960s, Cindy was opposed to society's growing emphasis on superficial beauty, and the self-esteem issues that ensued. She realized that she would have an influence on how beauty was defined if she was "in the game."

Cindy's makeup career began at the end of the 1970s when she started working with San Francisco Bay area photographers and was picked up by European photographer, Oliviero Toscani for Esprit de Corp. She was so inspired by the European creativity that Oliviero exuded that she moved to Paris in 1983. Cindy's natural makeup style influenced the face of beauty for the next 25 years. Her talent of using makeup to enhance a woman's natural beauty, by allowing her character and personality to shine through rather than masking it, proved invaluable.

In 1986, Cindy moved to New York at the top of the industry and continued working with supermodels and celebrities until one day in 1998 at the age of 49, Cindy was spotted on a street corner in NYC and asked to model for a world-wide Dolce & Gabbana campaign. It was that very day that Cindy had just cut off the last bit of dye from her long silver hair and had realized she had been hiding the very thing that was so wonderful- her age! Ford Models Inc, asked her to join their Classic and Life Style Division in early 1999. She has since been modeling throughout the world for prestigious fashion and beauty campaigns, including Nivea, Olay, and Garnier.

After becoming recognizable, women began approaching Cindy to thank her for wearing her age openly with style and pride. She noted how enthusiastic they were to express their appreciation for inspiring them to celebrate their own age as well. These encounters led Cindy to a new purpose; spearheading a movement she has titled the Pro-Age Revolution.

Culling together her expertise of makeup, her refreshing philosophy on beauty, decades of hands-on research in cosmetics, and experience in front of and behind the camera, Cindy is thrilled to continue promoting age-full and realistic beauty with her cosmetics line, Boom! By Cindy Joseph.

Cindy points out that "It's time to throw out the archaic anti-age point of view and step into the powerful realization that every woman can have fun, passion, sensuality, wisdom, and beauty throughout her entire life, not just half way through it."

Cindy speaks about these subjects and more on her weekly video blog, Saturday's with Cindy, which you can find at YouTube and Facebook.

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How To Eat Out & Stay Healthy With Dr. Joy Dubost!

By jacquelineluxe • July 25, 2014

Get "Hip Chalets" When Choosing Your Luxury European Ski Vacation!

By jacquelineluxe • July 17, 2014

If you are a winter luxury lover or are planning a winter honeymoon, then get your skiing kits ready! Whether you are a family of four or a newly married couple, with the thirst and license to ski anywhere in the world. Then planning your luxury winter vacation to Europe has to be on your list!

Skiing was once considered the most exclusive of luxury vacations, set aside only for the super wealthy to enjoy. But in today's world skiing - as well as snowboarding - has become everyone's game. With travel agencies and especially resorts, now offering a variety of travel packages, that are custom made to suit everyone's budget. 

If your dream destination is to ski in Europe, and especially to stay at a ski resort in France, Switzerland or Austria. Then you have to get your game on and know what is hip. As being the savvy, chic, and luxury ski vacationer is the way to roll.

Being in the hip crowd means knowing the best places to vacation, so staying at a one of the luxurious Hip Chalets resorts is the way to roll. Exclusively owned and run by a dynamic team - renowned artist and former British No.1 free ride skier Jamie Strachan and his fiancée Swedish rock-climbing champion, Julia Bergklint.

This passionate duo have made the perfect getaways with their prestigious ski holidays set comfortably in the Chamonix Valley. Offering the most luxurious of enterprises, you can choose from cool and hip holiday packages such as; "The Italian Job", "Husky Sledging" and a "James Bond Night". All offering the best of seasonal skiing luxury with custom concierge services, and professional skiing support.

So what makes Hip Chalets so cool? Well to start their chalets are custom designed with both families and individual groups in mind. Each beautifully designed chalet ranges from a real estate portfolio of "Swiss boutique chic" to "Alpine classics". Adding a touch of graceful customer service to include ski instructors, nannies, and VIP tables at the best restaurants. And you have got yourself a ticket to winter vacation heaven.

So if you love taking prestigious ski holidays, than start today by booking your next skiing adventure with Hip Chalets. Who knows, you might just find yourself being the next "Free Rider" with the hip crowd.

BABOR Cosmetics Announces New North American Headquarters

By jacquelineluxe • July 16, 2014

BABOR Cosmetics, the world leader in luxury professional skin care, has announced that it is relocating its North American headquarters to Delray Beach, Florida (430 South Congress Avenue). The announcement follows a strong performance for the company in the last 24 months, resulting in the need for an expanded center of operations.

The expansive 12,000 square foot headquarters, will house the Executive Offices, Customer Service, Training and Education Academy as well as a state-of-the-art Distribution Center. The space combines form, function and cutting-edge design in a fitting nod to the iconic German label's affinity for luxury and innovation.

Highlights include a reinterpretation of traditional offices spaces with ergonomic work systems including flex desks, numerous open collaboration "environments" for team members to converse, debate and exchange ideas, a BABOR showroom that mirrors the innovative BABOR BEAUTY SPA Concept, and an exciting artistic installation that was created using BABOR's signature product – the beauty ampoule.

"BABOR's steady growth and increasing footprint in North America is a real tribute to the talent of our people, as well as the quality of our products and services," said BABOR North America CEO Brian Brazeau. "This new, modern building celebrates both our heritage and evolution and was designed to allow BABOR North America to serve its partners more effectively and efficiently than ever."

A subsidiary of Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG in Aachen, Germany, BABOR North America its well positioned to outpace major competitors within the luxury skincare space as it continues to secure new hotel and destination spa business as well as further develop its branded BABOR BEAUTY SPA concept with new locations planned in key markets.

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Pencil Me In Cosmetics Launches "Smear-Free" Campaign

By jacquelineluxe • July 15, 2014

Other eyeliners are running a smear campaign. Pencil Me In Cosmetics is running a clean campaign, "A No Smear Campaign" with its eyeliner pencils designed to last throughout the day. We are so done with raccoon eyes, the disappearing act and a cakey mess.

Pencil Me In cosmetics eyeliner is formulated to stay put with its highly concentrated pigmentation. When you apply Pencil Me In eyeliner in the morning, it still looks good at the end of the day. The pencil core is creamy enough to blend but firm so the points don't break easily and the color doesn't fade. The eyeliners are highly concentrated with pigment so pressing hard and repeating the lines is not necessary.

These eyeliners are available in 30 awesome colors to match any look - from browns, denims, purples, metallic bronzes and smokey, misty grays. They are not the ordinary colors shown in the market place. Featured this year is Orchid Sparks, a shade similar to the 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid as named by the Pantone Color Institute. Pencil Me In cosmetics has four-to six-piece eyeliner sets, which are designed to match a person's skin tone, hair color and style. The smokey, dramatic and neutral eyeliner sets are very popular. For the complete Pencil Me In story and to purchase visit MSRP is $6.99 per pencil.

For salons, spas and health stores, the Pencil Me In brand created two well-designed cosmetic pencil displays so trying the colors is fun and easy. The counter top display is a self-service stand that houses retail stock as well as 30 pencil testers. This display can be set on a counter or hang on a wall. The "tester only" display holds only the tester pencils and the retail stock is stowed away. Each display was specifically designed to fit into the salon/spa atmosphere. Display the pencils on the counter and while a client is waiting, they can test the shades and purchase several colors effortlessly. Let the client reap the benefit of selecting natural eyeliner pencils at an affordable price as part of their salon experience.

We all want to use healthier, greener products. Pencil Me In eyeliners provide skin-nourishing benefits with natural ingredients and blended botanicals that include green tea leaf extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, shea butter, cacao butter, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and safflower seed oil. Vitamins include A (Retinyl Palmitate), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), C (Ascorbic Acid) and Vitamins D and E, (Tocopherol). Clinical data has revealed that vitamins and anti-oxidants added to cosmetic products used in the eye area help to keep that delicate tissue soft and smooth. The ingredients have been shown to help protect the eye area from daily exposures of destructive elements in the environment. The pencils are paraben and petroleum free, non-irritating, eco-friendly, tamperproof and hygienic.

The sharpener attached to the pencil cap was so revolutionary that Pencil Me In cosmetics won the ICMAD City Awards for Color Cosmetic Package Design Innovation, award for the excellence in cosmetics and also won the award of CPC Packaging Editors' Choice Award. "It's about time someone did something like this," said CPC Packaging awards panelist Nicole Smith, environmental director for Design & Source Productions Inc., "It's like putting wheels on a suitcase."

Pencil Me In cosmetics has received recognition in the most esteemed consumer and trade publications and blogs across the US and world including Woman's Day, In Touch, Shape, Herb Companion, Seventeen and trade magazines like GCI magazine and Beauty Store Business.

Pencil Me In cosmetics also gives back. The company donates thousands of pencils each year to many organizations including local schools and fundraising events, Women for Women, Fashion for Hope, Give to Bless and just recently, The Tampa Bay Advocates Against Human Trafficking. Giveaways are held daily on the company's websites and social networks. In addition, it holds contest partnerships with fellow beauty bloggers and magazines

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Menaji Men's Skincare

By jacquelineluxe • July 10, 2014


Three specially formulated skin tone matching shades to cover and conceal dark circles under the eyes, razor burns, age spots and any other imperfection or blemish. $26.00


Designed for men's skin, this exfoliator uses a natural and unique blend of certfied organic lime peel oil, jojoba, ginseng, kelp, azulene and aloe to deep clean and remove dead skin for clear and clean skin. $30.00 HDPV High Definition Powder Vision anti-shine treatment eliminates excess oils and provides and undetectable, flawless look. A must-have for every man in the media industry. $35.00


Infuse your razor-raw face with moisture. Hyaluronic acid increases your skin's moisture and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. $34.00  


Instantly cool those puffy, tired eyes with our award-winnning eye gel. Camomile, aloe and wheat protein refreshes and tightens skin under the eyes. $36.00


A vitamin E enriched lip balm with SPF 15 to soothe and nourish your lips. $7.50


The Menaji anti-aging formulas leverage the molecular structure of peptides to enhance the elasticity, strength and texture of your skin. Regenerate surface cells and erase fine lines by delivering collage back to the source. $78.00


Skin treatment for men begins with a deep clean to absorb oil, exfoliate dead skin and reduce pore size. Created for men, our Masque takes on the increased oil production present in men's skin. $26.00

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