8 Shades Of Grey: Secrets Most Plastic Suregons Will Never Reveal

By jacquelineluxe • February 6, 2015

Plastic surgeons are perhaps the most "polished" of physicians. They are typically the best dressed, have the most effervescent personalities, the perkiest nurses, and offices ripped from the pages of Architectural Digest in addition to buxom spouses. But what lies beneath the perfect facade? Are there trade secrets these plastic surgeons don't dare even whisper among their colleagues at plastic surgery conferences for fear of tarnishing their golden veneer even among peers? Dr. Lyle Back is a Philadelphia area board certified plastic surgeon who is not afraid to pull back the proverbial surgical curtain to give lay people the real reality of cosmetic surgery.

You will have "some discomfort"

Those might be words that will have you cursing at your surgeon under your breath post-surgery. There's a general perception in society that cosmetic surgery is somehow less physically taxing than regular surgery, since it's elective and aesthetic in nature. Some patients might be surprised that work during a tummy tuck extends from the rib cage all the way down to the pubic bone, for example. Dr. Back explains that some surgeons not only minimize the level of pain, but the length of time needed for recovery as well. This leads to patients not being adequately prepared for child care and work issues which is not fair to patients or the important people/responsibilities in their lives. Since pain and recovery time do vary Dr. Back suggests talking to several people who have had the exact procedure to get an average.

Bad scarring 

When it comes to scars from big procedures like tummy tucks and breast lifts, many believe it's a surgeon's skill that determines how badly you'll scar post-surgery. However, Dr. Back says it really comes down to a patient's genetic factors. A skilled plastic surgeon, "can do the same exact closure on two different people, and one heals with imperceptible scars and one doesn't," he says. This is important to keep in mind before going under the knife, especially if you've got a darker complexion and high skin pigmentation, which Back says put you in the high risk category for scarring.

Secret weapon we can use when things go wrong: Leeches

By restoring blood flow and secreting a chemical that prevents blood clots, leeches can help salvage complex reconstructive procedures (e.g., a reconstruction flap for breast cancer or a reattached finger) that are struggling to heal properly. It sounds a bit scary, but reconstructive plastic surgeons will use them when needed.

Sorry, there's no good surgical fix for cellulite

There are a wealth of options available today, each claiming to treat cellulite effectively. Cellulaze, a highly promoted treatment, is an actual surgical procedure using an invasive laser that must be threaded under the skin. Scarring, infection, and other healing problems are real risks, even with small incision, minimally invasive procedures. "The risks are very low, says Dr. Back, "but they're still there—and you have to weigh the price, too. The treatment is invasive, costly and the results are so-so; I'm not a fan." The Verju' green laser is a completely nonsurgical noninvasive office treatment for cellulite that patients are raving about. To date, the Verju' green laser is still the only non-surgical treatment for cellulite cleared by the FDA!

You look amazing… for now

Even the most skilled surgeon cannot produce a facelift with "permanent" results unless the patient being operated on has figured out how to stop aging! The average "shelf life" of a facelift is about 10 years and that depends on a patient's skin elasticity, if they maintain a stable weight, how much time they spend in the sun and if they smoke. The lower quadrant of the face will always age faster because the skin is fleshier and has less bone. "People should usually expect that the jowls will be the first to return." says Dr. Back. This is not to say that men and women should not get facelifts! "You will still look better after a few years than you would have looked if the facelift weren't done. But a facelift at 60 is not going to block the aging process. Don't expect that facelift to look the same 35 years later!"

Trade a brow lift for a brow wax or Botox

As we age, our eyebrows droop, causing us to look tired. Years ago, this might have been improved with an expensive surgical brow lift. While effective, many people who consider this costly surgery could look almost as good with a $30 or less brow wax. The key is to instruct your aesthetician to remove the hairs on the undersurface of the eyebrow. This opens up the space above your eyelids, making you look more alert and refreshed. Just make sure she doesn't remove too much. Sometimes eyebrows don't grow back! And a single 5 minute special Botox treatment by an experienced plastic surgeon can get your eyebrows lifted, restore a nice feminine arch to them and make your eyes look rested and refreshed for 4 or 5 months. According to Dr. Back, with "no incisions, no scars, no downtime, and minimal cost – Botox is the clear winner for lifting eyebrows!"

It's the anesthesia you need to worry about

With so much focus placed on the surgeon performing your procedure, the person performing the really dangerous part — administering anesthesia — is often overlooked. Ask your surgeon directly about the anesthesia – will it be a nurse-anesthetist or a board-certified anesthesiologist? "An anesthesiologist is a fully trained physician professional who is dedicated to the anesthetic needs of the patient and doesn't have to be supervised," Dr. Back says. But in most states, nurse-anesthetists do require supervision. Consider this - your plastic surgeon may be the one doing the supervising! That's not to say nurse-anesthetists aren't competent, but it does mean you should ask additional questions — like what the anesthetist's experience is with outpatient aesthetic surgery. If your physician uses nurse-anesthetists and you would prefer a board-certified anesthesiologist, ask if it's possible to have one.

Ask About Their Complication Rate

"If a plastic surgeon tells you that they've never had any complications, they're either lying or haven't operated enough to have seen any." The more experience a surgeon has the better. Complications happen – it's a fact of life. "But that's one of the ways a surgeon gains experience and can then build upon to hone his skills to an even higher level" says Dr. Back.

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Editor's Pick: The Most Bizarre Plastic Surgery; Do You Dare In 2015?

By jacquelineluxe • February 3, 2015

Botox, filler, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, that's so.. 20th century! The demand for outright wacky plastic surgery has surpassed virtually anyone's imagination including most plastic surgeons. As long as there is patient demand to tweak body parts heretofore deemed untouchable, the roster of surreal procedures continues to grow. Philadelphia area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle Back breaks them down for us, but by doing so, does not unilaterally endorse them.

Grin Lift

The corners of our mouths droop as we age. But for an unlucky minority, this permanent scowl can make them look perpetually grumpy. The grin lift as is a surgical way to turn this frown upside down. For the procedure, a surgeon removes small skin triangles from above each corner of the mouth to cause it to lift. What's the upside? People no longer ask you why you are upset. But there is a downside - this creates permanent scars that can make you look like The Joker. Trust your plastic surgeon to guide you in the right direction .You can usually get the same lift-like results for those down turning corners of the mouth without surgery - in the hands of an experienced doctor with a simple 15 minute office wrinkle filler treatment!

With eyebrow transplants, patients design their ideal eyebrows with a stencil, just like the kind sold at Sephora. Surgeons use the patient-created stencil to achieve what the patients want through one of two procedures: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and NeoGrafting. With FUT, plastic surgeons remove a four-inch-wide slice of scalp from the back of your head and then dissect all the hairs to graft in wherever you'd like. This procedure tends to leave a scar. NeoGrafting involves using a machine to suck out the hairs from your scalp without leaving a scar, but is known to have a lower success rate.

Belly Button Surgery

Is it possible to turn an outie into an innie? Sure is - most outie belly buttons are actually small umbilical hernias. Surgeons can repair this hernia with an umbilicoplasty - a small incision on the upper surface of the belly button that turns it into a more aesthetically pleasing innie. The procedure creates a permanent scar that is usually well-hidden.

Chubby Cheek Surgery

Chubby cheeks are cute in kids, but can make some adults look overweight or jowly. This can be improved by a buccal lipectomy. In this minor surgery, the plastic surgeon makes a small incision inside the cheek and removes a gumball-sized chunk of fat. This causes the cheek hollows to contour inward, improving the jowly or "chipmunk cheek" look.

Bra Line Back Lift

Many women complain to their plastic surgeons about the dreaded "bread back" - unsightly rolls of back fat which make their bras fit uncomfortably. In the past, our only real surgical option was to liposuction this fat away, sometimes leaving the patient with loose skin. The Bra Line Back Lift is a novel procedure where the back rolls are surgically removed, leaving behind a flatter back with a scar that's hidden in the bra line. The scar is permanent, but results usually are as well.

Nipple and Areola Reduction

Some women - and even men - develop excessively long nipples or wide areolas. This can be due to heredity, pregnancy, or just bad luck. Doctors reduce the nipples by literally cutting off the tip or removing some skin at the base of the nipple. Excessively wide areolas are reduced by removing a donut-shaped ring of skin from the periphery of the areola and suturing it into a smaller diameter. This leaves a permanent circular scar around the areola, however.

"Thigh gap therapy," in which they use cold lasers to give you space between your legs. This cold laser therapy, called Verju', claims to contour your shape by melting away fat cells without surgery. The cold laser does not create any heat, burning sensation or pain as it shines a green beam on the surface of the skin causing a shrinking of the fat cells just underneath. It basically harmlessly emulsifies the bulging outside layer of your fat, and allows it to exit out of your lymphatic system.

Internal Bra

Want perky breasts but hate wearing a bra? Plastic surgeons have solved this problem with a procedure known as internal bra. British doctors have successfully implanted three patients with internal bras. Doctors use hardened silicone cups and place them under the breast tissue that are then lifted with silk straps secured by being sewn into position. In the more commonly opted for version, an internal bra-like sling mesh is surgically placed to permanently limit any potential future sagging breast tissue at the time of a breast lift.

BURBERRY Opens Beverly Hills Flagship On Rodeo Drive Inspired By London

By jacquelineluxe • February 2, 2015

Burberry today announces the opening of its new Beverly Hills flagship, bringing every aspect of the brand to life in the heart of Los Angeles. Located over four floors on one of the most iconic streets in the world, the new flagship is set on the corner of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way. Burberry Beverly Hills has been designed to offer multi-sensory experiences for Los Angeles' customers and communities, featuring exclusive spaces, products and services.

The store comprises a mixture of event space, entertainment hub, private space and store. Earlier today, Christopher Bailey was in Los Angeles to collect and unveil the Burberry Rodeo Drive Walk of Style plaque, which commemorates the contribution the brand has made to the fashion industry and its connection with the city's entertainment community.

Photographer Mario Testino presented the honour to Christopher Bailey. Last week, Burberry also launched Art of the Trench in Los Angeles, bringing its digital platform to life for the first time in the city, celebrating its dynamic creative communities. Over 40 of the city's established and emerging creative pioneers from the worlds of music, arts, fashion, film, and sports have been shot through innovative mobile capture wearing their Burberry trench coats in iconic landmarks and neighbourhoods throughout the city.

Subjects include Ashley Madekwe, Cat Deeley, Zen Freeman, Thomas Houseago, Ann Philbin, Lee Clow, Nigel Daly, and Zanna Roberts Rassi. From today, the portraits captured on iPhones by leading Los Angeles-based mobile photographers can be viewed across global platforms including www.artofthetrench.burberry.com, the Burberry Tumblr page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VSCO Grid®, YouTube, Pinterest and Sina Weibo.

New Year Tips For 2015: Saving On Your WI-FI & Internet

By jacquelineluxe • January 8, 2015
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Exclusive Fashion Tips With Jay Alexander

By jacquelineluxe • November 17, 2014

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