And The Eyes Have It! Be Catwalk Ready With Designer Eye Make-up

By jacquelineluxe • June 28, 2015

Check out And The Eyes Have It! Be Catwalk Ready With Designer Make-up

by Jacqueline Hudson at Mode

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so embrace this thought and enjoy the transformation into beautiful eyes. With these hot catwalk tips for Summer 2015, your eyes will dazzle in metallic hues, smokey dark blues and be swept up into a dynamic liquid liner 'cat-eye'. From Armani to Ellie Saab, this years Catwalk trends were bold and full of risk. So start defining your eyes this Summer! Enjoy more of my beauty tips by clicking the link above.

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Hack Your Way To Frugal Fitness Workouts With These Tips

By jacquelineluxe • June 16, 2015

Achieving a toned, fit body does not have to break the bank. Yoga and pilates classes in addition to gym memberships are not financially realistic for all people. For parents, going to the gym means having to worry about childcare, therefore adding another expense. Just because you don't have a fat wallet does not mean you can't get buff. The following are budget friendly at home fitness tips from Franci Cohen, a New York City fitness trainer and exercise physiologist.


Use soup cans for weights: Franci Cohen says that, "You can do any triceps or biceps exercise at home using cans of soup that you'd do at the gym with dumbbells. To properly gauge the weight, don't go by the ounces listed on the can -- that's liquid weight. Instead, weigh the cans on your scale to figure out the poundage that's best for you."

Use jugs as weights: Fill a household bucket or jug with water (or sand, rock salt, or powdered detergent) and secure the top with duct tape. Lift it up and down in front of you as you do squats.

Substitute paper plates for body sculpting equipment: "The key here," Franci says, "is to use the plates to help your body slide on a carpet. This allows you to do body sculpting moves that would ordinarily require workout equipment. You can do the sliding lunge (put the paper plate under one foot and lunge forward). Try simulating skating to work your butt and thighs -- just attach the plates to your feet with rubber bands and slide away. Or, get down on all fours, put the plates under your hands, and use them to work your chest by sliding your arms back and forth."

Substitute a countertop for a push-up bench: In most homes, at least one countertop, either in the kitchen or the bath, is the right height for a push-up. Put both hands on the countertop, extend your legs behind you at an angle, lean down into the counter, and then push back up.

Substitute pantyhose for resistance bands: "Almost any exercise you can do with a resistance band, you can do with old pantyhose or tights," says Franci. For example, sitting on the floor with your legs straight, loop a pair of pantyhose around the balls of your feet and pull back with both hands as if you are using a rowing machine.

A fitness ball: Sometimes called a stability ball, looks like a large beach ball. You can do many core exercises, including abdominal crunches, with a fitness ball. You can also use a fitness ball to improve your flexibility and balance.

Kettlebell: A kettlebell is a round weight with the handle attached at the top. A kettlebell can be used to do strength-training exercises and to help improve grip strength. Kettlebells are available in many sizes.

Jump-ropes: Skipping rope can be a great cardiovascular workout.

Resistance tubing: These stretchy tubes offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them. Use the tubes to build strength in your arms and other muscles. Choose from varying degrees of resistance, depending on your fitness level.

Chair or step stool: Use a chair for support when doing exercises such as leg curls. A low, sturdy step stool can become exercise equipment if you use it for step training — an aerobic exercise resembling stair climbing.

Smart Phone: Take a break between gym memberships, weight loss clubs and those hefty trainer fees and swipe your way fit with a variety of low-cost smart phone applications. "I recommend a free application on the iPhone (the key here is to know your basal metabolic rate for maintaining your weight and for losing weight and this app does it all), says Franci. With this app you get free access to the world's largest nutrition and calorie database — over 5 million foods!

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Exclusive Interview With Cyclist Lucy Garner And Best-Selling Author Brooke Alpert

By jacquelineluxe • June 16, 2015

The Moroccan Home - Decor That Delights The Senses

By jacquelineluxe • June 1, 2015

Check out The Moroccan Home - Decor That Delights The Senses

by Jacqueline Hudson at Mode

Enjoy a touch of the exotic in your home with the beauty of a Moroccan themed home. Wheter you are inspired by the Middle East, or the tales of Aladdin. Let the beauty of Morroco inspire you in every aspect of your home. Enjoy more of my home decor tips by clicking the link above.

Say Bon Voyage To Bad Skin With Tips From Dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt

By jacquelineluxe • May 21, 2015

This winter has proven to be one of the worst in years. From relentless snow to icy roads, many people are feeling frigid temps for warmer climates. However, traveling puts additional stress on you and your skin. Regardless of whether you are traveling by car or plane, for business or pleasure, New York & New Jersey board certified dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Baxt's must-know skin travel tips will help make your time away more relaxing and leave your skin rosy on arrival.

For Frequent Flyers

The re-circulated air on planes is five times drier than the desert and the lack of humidity causes loss of moisturizer. The air inside the cabin of a plane usually has a humidity level of 10 to 20 percent — much lower than a comfortable typical indoor humidity of 30 to 65 percent. All of which combines to equal skin desperately in need of moisture.

"Most people realize that flying can cause skin to dry out and breakout, but they may not know why," says Dr. Baxt. "Whenever the environment is moisture-free such as with recirculated air in a plane cabin - the air actually draws moisture from wherever it can, including the skin. Dry skin will tend to get drier and oily skin will get even oilier to compensate for dehydration."

Dr. Baxt recommends the following travel itinerary for your skin whether you're taking a quick weekend getaway or going for the long haul.

Un-Happy Hour

Don't Drink Alcohol on the Plane. "Alcohol is very dehydrating. While it may help to relax you if you're nervous about flying, the effect of alcohol will be dry skin," says Dr. Baxt. "Drink water, and read a magazine or book or bring along your iPod. Having something to distract you will help you as much, if not more than a glass of wine. If you just can't pass it up, drink lots of water afterward."

Bring a Hydrating Mist for In-Flight Treatment

A hydrating mist is perfect for in flight application. Dr. Baxt recommends spraying a couple of pumps onto your face for instant hydration. It also feels great and helps cool you down if you're on a warm airplane.

Skip the Salty Snacks

Airport food is not very skin-friendly. "While peanuts and pretzels may look delicious, salt can cause swelling," warns Dr. Baxt. "Instead, snack on fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples, which are filled with water."

It's Time to Takeoff...Your Makeup!

If you wear makeup, keep it to a minimum on the flight. "Airplane air is dry and can exacerbate your makeup's drying-out effects on your skin can which can lead to breakouts and your pores becoming clogged on the flight," says Dr. Baxt. "Opt for tinted moisturizer if you cannot bear not having any make-up on; and use lip balm in lieu of lipstick as the cabin air is dry lips tends to feel a little dryer while on the flight."

Puffy Eyes

Jet lag always shows through your skin but mostly in the eyes. Lack of sleep due to possible time changes can have you looking sleepy and puffy. Don't forget to stash an eye cream that contains caffeine for that quick "pick-me-up" if needed. Another option? "Carry green tea bags with you on the plane," says Dr. Baxt. "A half hour before landing, ask the flight attendant for hot water and soak a few minutes. Add ice to cool down the bags, and apply cool green tea bags to your eyelids before landing. The green tea has antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to decrease puffiness so you'll look your best when you land."

Your Travel Beauty Bag

What to Pack With the ever-changing airline baggage regulations and costly baggage fees, it's important to have a checklist of the essential skincare products you need when traveling. "If you're headed on a trip, you can't bring every makeup, skincare and hair care product from your bathroom," says Dr. Baxt. "Plan ahead and pack smart when traveling."

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