Summer Rescue Promotion From Dermacyte Skin Care

By jacquelineluxe • August 9, 2011

Well here it is early August, and whether we like it or not the summer is almost half way over. You have experienced plenty of sun, trips to the beach and if you are lucky, a full blown vacation with the kids. What is probably not on your mind is the mid-summer check up on your skin. This not a common practice by all Americans, but it is one that each and every one of us needs to do to keep ourselves looking our best.

“Perspiration, salt, hot air, ultraviolet rays, chlorinated water, seawater, and dehydration all contribute to our overall skin health. Outdoor sports, sunbathing, watching our kids play, or simply walking to the car exposes us to the harsh elements that can damage skin,” says Dr. Michael Borenstein, a leading dermatologist at Gardens Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. “Our skin is seasonal. From the summer to the winter, our skin reacts to the surrounding environment and your skin needs different maintenance care each season.” According to Dr. Borenstein most of us know that summer causes serious damage to our skin, but how well we react to that damage is what ultimately leaves us looking prematurely aged.

“There are many ways to repair summer skin including skincare products and treatments most effectively used in the healing of environmental damages commonly associated with the summer months. If you start now and maintain a strict facial skin care routine you can move into Skin Care Awareness Month (September) with radiant, rather than crocodile skin.

” Research has shown that oxygen improves the production of collagen from fibroblasts and the re-growth of injured skin, two processes that are critical to skin recovery during the hot summer months. Research has also found that the novel ingredient found in DERMACYTE has a high affinity and capacity to become saturated with oxygen. This product acts as an excellent delivery device for providing additional oxygen to the skin while complementing other products that rejuvenate sun-damaged skin.

Two new products that can help restore your glow while replenishing moisture to your skin are DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate and DERMACYTE Oxygenating Eye Cream. These revolutionary products, formulated with the proprietary oxycyte technology are now offered by dermatologists and medical-spas in 10 U.S. states, and that number is growing.

In honor of National Skin Care Month, the makers of DERMACYTE are now offering you a chance to say good-bye to the summertime skin blues. From now until September 30th, while supplies last, you may purchase a DERMACYTE Summer Rescue Bundle, containing DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate and DERMACYTE Oxygenating Eye Complex at a 15% discount to the suggested retail price (only $152.00 for both products), and receive a small beautiful DERMACYTE tote free.

The Oxygen Concentrate is made to give an “ultra” boost to specific trouble spots on your face that need it most, such as around your mouth, on your forehead, blemishes, and around the contours of your eyes. After using DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate for four weeks skin becomes more luminescent, hydrated and smoother. It’s a perfect solution for summer skin.

Information courtesy of Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc., a biomedical product development company dedicated to commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices in the field of oxygen therapeutics.

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