Top Six Ignored Areas To Protect Before Stepping Out Into The Sun

By jacquelineluxe • June 10, 2011

Filling your beach bag with your favorite summer skincare products puts you at ease for a day out, basking in the sun. BUT, are you really protecting your skin? The right products are only part of the process to insure proper protection from harmful summer rays. Are you covering all the bases? Sunburn does not only affect common areas—it “burns” its mark where you least expect it.

Dr. Sandra Lee, a board certified dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Society for Mohs Surgery, put together a list of the top six areas people tend to neglect when prepping for the sun.

6. Feet

Though perfectly manicured toes are important, sunburned feet can leave you “sole”-less. With painful sunburn on your tootsies, pairing your dress with those perfect summer heels may not be an option. Make sure to apply sunscreen to all areas of your feet to avoid any complications.

5. Back of Hands

Hydrating your hands with lotion, during your weekly manicures, is not all it takes to protect them from becoming dry. It is vital to protect your hands during the summertime, an area you may forget to tend to when stepping out into the sun. Opt for a lotion that contains SPF 15 to 30 to protect and hydrate your hands.

4. Ears

Don’t forget to protect your ears, when applying sunscreen to your face. The skin on your ears is both sensitive and delicate, and the tops of your ears are particularly exposed to the sun’s rays. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat that is both fashionable and can help to protect your face and ears.

3. Chest and Neck

You don’t want “breases”, the vertical creases that can occur on your chest from sun damage and excess sun exposure. The skin on your neck and chest is exposed to the same amount of sun as your face, and in order to prevent any damage, it needs just as much attention. The skin on your neck and chest is thin, so generously apply sunscreen in those two often-ignored areas. Sunburn in the chest/neck is not only painful, but unappealing when dressed in your favorite summer wardrobe.

2. Lips

Summer is not all about glossy lips. Before applying your favorite lip gloss, be sure to apply lipstick containing SPF 15 or above to protect the lips. Slip the lipstick in your bag and apply regularly throughout the day to avoid sun damage.

1. Scalp

As the sun beams down over your head, it is an important to note the #1 overlooked area that requires protection from the sun—your scalp. Have you ever ended up leaving the beach and feeling like your head was on fire? Since you don’t want to pile on sunscreen over your hair and a hat may not be your favorite option, grab your favorite scarf and tie it around your head like a bandana. Another option would be to use a sunscreen spray and spray it on your fingertips and use your fingers to apply this liquid to your part in your hair, the area of your scalp most susceptible to sunburn.

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Such a good reminder! I always forget my lips and end up with a chapped, sunburned kisser! :)

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I always, always, always use sunscreen on my feet and hands... I really hate the look of those parts tanned cause for some reason mine just look dirty instead of tanned! lol~ But the scalp! Oh my, good advice on the scalp, thanks for the tip! :D

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