ERNO LASZLO Anti-Aging At It's Best With TranspHuse Topical

By jacquelineluxe • August 29, 2011

As you approach your thirties, your skin's needs will start to change. Treat your skin to a ritual that will prevent and combat those first signs of skin aging such as dryness, sagging and sallowness. Our belief: just because time marches on does not mean your face ever has to show it.

Discover Timeless Skin. When noticeable signs of aging set in - such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity or plumpness - reach for TranspHuse Surgiceuticals. This technologically-advanced collection yields results once only possible with invasive medical procedures.

Debating a cosmetic procedure? Consider using TranspHuse Topical instead. This state-of-the-art formula, with skin-firming and line-plumping dermaxyl and marine filling spheres, also contains gatuline expression which minimizes the micro-contractions in the skin for a smoother, noticeably younger appearance.

Features & Benefits:

• Gatuline Expression, a plant extract works to minimize the number of microcontractions in the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

• Marine Filling Spheres stimulate collagen production by filling in lines. • Cranberry Seed Oil protects the skin against further environmental damage.

• Lentinus Edodes Extract is a firming agent extracted from the Shitake Mushroom.

• Optical Diffusers give skin an unsurpassed glow.

Proper use: In the morning, apply to cleansed, toned skin. Follow with prescribed moisturizer.

ERNO LASZLO TranspHuse Topical SRP $165.00 (1 oz.)

The Adonis Effect: Men Turn To Cosmetic Procedures To Perfect Their Image

By jacquelineluxe • June 22, 2011

Those in search of their own fountain of youth turn to cosmetic procedures to plump, nip and tuck away the years.  But while most assume women make up the patient roster for cosmetic procedures, men have found ways to improve their self-image as well.  They are just keeping it a secret.

On any given day, if you look in the reception area of the renowned JUVA Skin & Laser Center in Manhattan, you will notice just as many male patients as female.  Dr. Adam Schaffner, Director of Plastic Surgery at JUVA, says men are turning to him for ways they can look and feel like a better man.

Whether it is for personal fulfillment or to enhance a professional image, popular facial procedures include enhancing jaw lines to project a strong impression, injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers to eliminate the look of fatigue, trimming extra skin and softening wrinkles around the eyes, and fixing nasal imperfections like bumps, ridges and a bulbous tip.

Making alterations to a man's body has become increasingly more popular in the past decade as advances in laser and cosmetic procedures have made them easier and more accessible.  Whether treating "man boobs", known as gynecomastia, love handles, or a lack of definition, liposuction can help reshape areas to improve contour.  Lipoetching accentuates the pectoral, abdominal and oblique muscles.  Finally, laser-assisted liposuction helps tighten skin and reduce the amount of bruising and swelling associated with other liposuction techniques.

"There is a misconception that cosmetic procedures are geared towards preserving a woman's youth and that men don't have similar insecurities about their face or body," said Dr. Schaffner.  "Men discreetly and quickly undergo minimally invasive procedures that help achieve their desired image."

SOURCE JUVA Skin & Laser Center

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Health Week On Jacqueline Luxe: Plastic Surgery For Dummies Or The Scalpel Challenged

By jacquelineluxe • June 17, 2011

Just when you thought you were becoming a plastic surgeon maven who could reel off every filler substance on the planet and define Botox and what it’s used for, along comes new technology! With the constant information overload, it’s often hard for the lay person to make head or tails out of the latest sci-fi type of developments. Dr. Richard Chaffoo is a board certified San Diego, CA plastic surgeon who is here to give consumers a cheat sheet on the newest advances in body contouring. In summary, Dr. Chaffoo feels that small procedures yield small results.

In addition, the costs of these procedures can really add up as they often need to be done in a series of treatment sessions. You might spend close to the amount of money you'd spend on traditional liposuction and not get the same result.” He adds, “All of these technologies need to be measured against the gold standard, traditional liposuction performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. Also, many of these technologies are used in the office by non plastic surgeons that don't have privileges to do any surgical procedures nor do they have adequate training.”


ZERONA® is the first non-invasive body slimming procedure to effectively remove excess fat. unlike other lipo and body slimming procedures, ZERONA® allows patients to continue daily activities without interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds, bruises, or garments. The ZERONA® protocol utilizes the Erchonia® Laser Scanner, which is the safest and most researched low level laser in the world.

ZERONA® is also FDA approved for laser assisted liposuction. Voluminous adipose tissue can appear when fatty material is present, and this, in turn, can bring about enlarged subcutaneous fat regions. Because subcutaneous fat is close to the skin's surface, laser emulsification can have a dramatic effect on them. The collapse of adipose arrangements has been noted after laser therapy, reducing their volume and providing effective body slimming results. When the fat cells have reduced the body naturally excretes the fat over time giving the patient proven results after around six treatments over two weeks. This occurs during the body’s normal detoxification process.

ZERONA® treatment liquifies the fat and the cell dumps it into the intercellular space. There are two types of fat cells - Subcutaneous and viscera subcutaneous fat is located directly above the skeletal muscle and below the skin. Its superficial placement is what ensures proper depth penetration of the laser energy. Patients containing a high volume of visceral fat (fat below the skeletal muscle) are not ideal candidates for this procedure. However, they may still contain subcutaneous fat; therefore, you can treat the individual by just ensuring they adopt a healthy diet to address the visceral fat.

Through clinical studies it has been demonstrated that the Zerona® low level laser stimulates the fat cell to emulsify (liquefy) the fat within the cell. Then the liquefied fat moves from inside the cell through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane to outside the cell where it is in the interstitial space until absorbed by the lymphatic system. This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller so inches are reduced off the waist, hips and thighs. The fat cells are not injured in any way by this process.

What can I expect at my appointments?

You can expect 40 minutes to relax, read or do absolutely nothing. The Zerona® treatment is completely painless. There is no heat or any sensation whatsoever while being treated. Each treatment you will be met by your physician or technician who will position the laser at the desired areas of the body, he/she will step out for 20 minutes while the front of your body is treated and then will return to reset for the backside of your body for an additional 20 minutes. After you are done you can get back to your normal activities immediately with absolutely no downtime, nor pain, swelling or any discomfort. This is a symptom –free process except for losing unwanted inches.


Zeltiq is a device that kills fatty tissue by putting the body's metabolism to work. Research has shown that cold temperatures can be devastating to fatty tissue, even though those same temperatures have no permanent adverse effect on skin cells. Zeltiq's Cryolipolysis technique for improving body contour uses a suction applicator with cooling plates on areas where fat reduction is desired.

The plates are pressed against the selected body area. In a procedure that takes about an hour, that area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat tissue while leaving the outer skin cells unharmed. Within several days the destroyed fat cells begin to shrink, and are then digested by and removed from the body through metabolic processes. Usually within two to four months, patients see a reduction in the area of fat targeted and an improvement in body contour.

No Needles

One widely used technique for fat removal, liposuction, involves suctioning fat out of the body. As with any invasive procedure, there are certain risks that can include infection, scarring, changes in skin pigmentation, and a possible "lumpy" appearance afterwards. Zeltiq is non-surgical. No needles, incisions, pain relievers, or recovery time are needed. Risky side effects are not a problem. The procedure is performed in the doctor's office, and when it is finished the patient can resume his or her normal life without missing a beat.

Zeltiq is intended for use by people who are in good health overall and want to lose a little fat in certain areas. It is not a weight loss tool, nor is it intended for use by the severely obese. The Food and Drug Administration has cleared its use in this country for various dermatological applications, and an application is pending for its use in fat reduction. It is already employed in Canada and Europe for that purpose.


The new FDA-approved laser-assisted liposuction treatment that melts stubborn fat deposits and tightens skin in about an hour. SmartLipo™ is a minimally-invasive body contouring treatment that is generating attention by melting away fat and tightening skin in about an hour, with local anesthesia and little downtime.

SmartLipo™, or laser-assisted lipolysis, is a minimally treatment that utilizes a laser to quickly melt stubborn areas of fat and tighten skin on the face, neck, arms, back, abdominal area, hips, thighs and knees. This technology liquefies fat so it can be easily drained or be absorbed by the body's lymphatic system where it is then flushed naturally from the body. An added benefit of SmartLipo™ is its skin tightening capability, which further enhances the results especially for 40+ men and women.

Recently FDA-approved, SmartLipo™ is a physician-performed treatment that is performed with a local anesthetic in about an hour. SmartLipo has some very distinct advantages over conventional liposuction when treating small areas of fat. The treatment is performed with local anesthetic and the laser probe is so small that sutures are not even necessary. Most people are back to their regular routines, with slight modifications, in a day or two. With SmartLipo the skin is tightened by the laser.

When compared to conventional liposuction, SmartLipo™ results in less bleeding, less bruising, less swelling and less discomfort. The incisions are so small that sutures are not even necessary. In addition, traditional liposuction requires general anesthesia or IV sedation. SmartLipo™ is performed under local anesthesia and liquefies the fat, which promotes skin tightening through thermal heating and tissue coagulation allowing men and women with loose skin - who previously were not ideal candidates for conventional liposuction.

Recover...Refresh & Renew With Nuvo Visage

By jacquelineluxe • May 17, 2011

After years of research, re-developing and testing, Nuvo Visage is launching a tailor designed, full face gel mask with aesthetic and health benefits. The reusable and affordable therapy mask can be utilized COLD or HOT.

Nuvo Visage gel masks feature a double velcro system to secure the mask in places around the head. Its unique soft outer membrane conforms to the face for comfort, and was specially redesigned to fit both women and men. The gel and the material used in the product are non-toxic, and safe for all applications.

Beyond its post-surgery applications, to reduce swelling, bruising and discomfort commonly associated with injectables, chemical peels and surgery, the mask can also be used to enhance daily personal beauty routine. Namely, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and large pores, as cold therapy treatments constrict blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the affected area of the face as the cold slows nerve reaction. The cooling sensation also leaves the skin feeling and looking firmer, refreshed, revitalized and renewed.

Hot therapy treatments relax facial nerve tension, as heat compresses and dilates blood vessels which increase blood flow to the affected area of the face. The benefits of heat aid the healing process and promote relaxation.

Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon When Looking Into Plastic Surgery

By jacquelineluxe • May 10, 2011

During these hard times, many of us are looking for the great “deals & steals” and ways to save a little extra money. But is it smart or safe to bargain hunt when it comes to your health? An increasing number of Americans are nipping and tucking, sucking and suturing, injecting and implanting, all in the quest for better looks. Each year, thousands of prospective patients bargain hunt for plastic surgeons – price being the main attraction. But what risks are patients really taking to save a little extra cash when going under the knife?

A bargain at the outset could result in more money spent on revision surgery or fatally worse, death or disfigurement at the hands of an incompetent surgeon or in a compromised surgical setting. Despite the warnings, people continue to sign up for bargain plastic surgery. According to Dr. Miami board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, “with the U.S. economic climate being unstable many plastic surgeons are slashing their prices to attract customers who are driven by the cost of surgery. Consumers are affected by the slowing economy are beginning to ‘price shop’ with plastic surgeons,” says Dr. Salzhauer. But buyers beware, “it can be a very dangerous practice to bargain with your health the way you would when a new car.”

Ask The Doctor

What Is Board-Certified?

Make sure your surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only board recognized to certify surgeons in the entire spectrum of plastic surgery. Make sure your plastic surgeon is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the largest plastic surgery society in the world.

How Many Times Have You Done This Procedure?

Surgeons who frequently and regularly perform the particular procedure you request have often seen the variations, nuances, and even complications which make for a well seasoned expert. Also, if a surgeon sees referrals from others in his field, he is seen as an expert by his peers, the ultimate compliment.

What Other Medical Staff Will Assist With The Procedure?

Your surgeon should be the primary one who performs and directs your surgical procedure. He will be assisted by various personnel such as nurses and surgical scrub techs who routinely operate with your plastic surgeon. In addition, your plastic surgeon will often use someone who is trained in anesthesia, such as an anesthesiologist or certified nurse anesthetist.

Where Will The Procedure Be Performed?

A board certified plastic surgeon who is a member of the ASPS is required to perform your surgery in a certified and accredited outpatient surgery center or hospital. This represents the gold standard for patient safety.

What Type Of Anesthesia Will Be Used During The Procedure?

Type of anesthetic depends on the type of procedure, length of surgery, and professional recommendation of the anesthesiologist.

What Are The Risks Associated With This Procedure?

All surgery comes with inherent risks and complications. Your board certified plastic surgeon will discuss the recovery, risks, and alternative treatment options with you so that you might make an informed decision.

Can You Provide Me With 3-6 References To Patients On Whom You Have Performed This Procedure?

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with several patients who have undergone your particular procedure so that you can learn about their surgical experience from a patient's perspective.

What Is The Exact Breakdown Of Fees For This Procedure?

Surgical fees. You should expect to see a clear,written estimate of your surgical procedure. This will include surgeon's fee, anesthesia fee, operating room costs, and implant fees if any.

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